Mosquitoes are always a great nuisance during the summer and in hot periods. This USB Electric Mosquito Killer Lamp kills mosquitoes and other flying insects without using poisons or sticky and smelly sprays. This lamp uses a light-based system to attract mosquitoes to itself. Once the mosquitoes have approached the light they are sucked into the lamp by a suction system that traps them inside the tray. By being trapped, mosquitoes die of hunger. Not using any radiation or poison this lamp is 100% safe for both people and pets that are inside the home. The lamp produces only 35db of noise which is comparable to the hum from a mosquito. Obviously, you won't have to keep it close to your ear so even resting on your bedside table you won't feel it and you can enjoy your sleep without any hassle. The lamp's range is around 20-40 square meters. The consumption is really low, the lamp is powered via USB with a safety voltage of 5V. To clean it just remove the tray and clean it with a fabric or a brush. The tray containing all the mosquitoes is large enough to not need to be cleaned continuously.

USB Electric Insect and Mosquito Killer & Trapper UV Lamp Machine

  • 1.Easy to use, open switch can be put into use; 2.No radiation, non-toxic, safe to human and pets. 3.Low power consumption, USB power with DC 5V safe voltage. 4.The decibel is 30db-36db when the lamp working,without extra noise. 5.Light source to attract mosquitoes in and starve mosquitoes in the tray. 6.Just rotate to remove the mosquito box it can poor out the dead bodied of mosquito. 7. Large applicable area, with an effective area of at least 50 square meters,applicable to bedroom, living room and toilet.