Kitchen Shelf Storage Basket Kitchen Multifunctional Hanging Under Cabinet Rack Organizer Storage For Fruits Vegetables Pastas Soups Bottles Cans Baked Goods, Under Shelf Baskets, under sink shelf, Under Sink Shelves.


Under Shelf Basket Wire Rack - Easily Slides Under Shelves for Extra Cabinet Storage.
Under shelf Baskets Allow You to Expand Pantry Space Without Adding Cabinets and Shelves.

Under Shelf Storage Basket Kitchen Cabinet Cupboard Organiser Storage Rack

    • Made from durable metal and lightweight, easy-clean, rustproof.
    • Easily slides under shelves for extra cabinet storage
    • Plastic coated for long life. Can be moved to any surface or ledge
    • ☆ SIZE: 10" x 11"x 4"(L x W x H) - Approx
    • Great for the kitchen, bathroom, children's room, and garage storage, storing small object in the kitchen, papers and magazines in the living room, or toiletries in the bathroom