Soap Dispensing Dish combines a long-handled scrubber with liquid dish soap for convenient cleaning. To refill, simply unscrew the back end of the handle and add soap to the reservoir. Replacing the cap when finished engages a tight, leak-proof seal so soap only goes where you want it. cleaning inside corners and along curves while scrubbing away baked-on food. When it's time for a new scrub head, simply push up on the tab to replace it. Take care of your delicate hands, to oil decontamination, save detergent, convenient cleaning, make cleaning fun, use more handy, curved design, and stick to the gesture to you who love life.


How to replace the sponge head:
1.Rotating the brush head anticlockwise, or turning the handle clockwise, and then the head and the handle separated.
2.Replace the sponge head: Holding the handle plugs into the sponge head hole and then rotate the head clockwise.


Package Includes:
1 x Brush
2 x Sponge head

Soap Dispenser Scrubber Cleaner Dish Wand Brush Scrub Refill Washing For Kitchen

    • Use for cleaning Oily utensils without using hands directly from the Unique Dish Wand with controlled dispensing of liquid so that you clean without getting your hands dirty.
    • How to Use: Put the soap liquid in the dish Wand then wet the scrubber of the dish wand and use it to clean the Oil stained utensils, basins, floors, etc.
    • Saves time and effort and very easy to use. Very convenient to clean utensils.
    • You can refill soap water for cleaning.
    • Package Contents:1 x Dish wand with 2 Sponge wands, Material: Plastic.