Slimming vest for men. Made from stretchable cotton and nylon, this new get in shape for men - slimming vest makes you look 5 to 10 kgs thinner without dieting or exercising instantly. Comfortable to wear and highly breathable, this slim fit vest gives a firm shape to your midriff and tummy. Due to its high end elasticity, this vest stretches and retracts to give you a proper shape and make you leaner. It's sleeveless design allows for free movement and exercise. Now no need to worry about your bulging tummy anymore as this slimming vest makes you more leaner and confident. Just slip on a pair and watch as the elastic ribbed support flattens and instantly tucks your tummy. If you are looking for a easy way to look slim, then this slimming vest is worth your price. This amazing vest is strategically woven with silky nylon and stretchy spandex- so it moves when you move and won't slip or slide out of position

Slim n Lift Body Shaper Slim Fitting Vest Banyan Innerwear for Men

    • 17 pressure points in the stomach area to ensure a tighter look.
    • Made from elastic, comfortable and high quality Nylon (90%) and Spandex (10%) Anti-allergic fabric for that comfortable, hassle-free wear Ideal under clothing for men to improve look and increase confidence.
    • Give your confidence a boost as you instantly get a more pronounced and proper upper body posture with a Slim n Lift Men's Vest.
    • Flattens abs instantly without exercise.
    • Helps in reducing your abdomen and waist
    • Very comforatble to wear, Gives you confident wearing it.