Ladies Hair Remover Same As Parlour Threading For Upper Lip And Lower Lip. Utilize The Physical Characters Of The Rapid Swirl Of Cotton Threads. Remove Facial Hair For A Better Make-Up Result. A Safe And Fast Way To Remove Hair

Rechargeable Thread Hair Remover Electric Threading Hair Removal Trimmer

    • Pull-on epilator: It adopts electric power type and rotates by electric motor, which drives the winding rod to run back and forth with the central hole, saving time and improving efficiency compared with manual manual.
    • Built-in high-quality motor motor: effective control of high-speed copper wire, durable for ten years!
    • Equipped with green energy-saving motor: built-in battery-free, need charger support to use! Plug in the power, this machine can start to operate
    • Ideal for all skin types. Suitable for the face, legs, arms and other body parts. Leaves skin soft and stubble free.
    • Great for travel.