Multi-Purpose Waterproof Footwear Shoes and Sandals Travel Bag Pouch Organizer is designed to fit it any shoes, such as golf, tennis, track, baseball, football, basketball and yes even your best dress shoes. This bag is made of waterproof material keeping suitcases dry, ideal for go hiking, camping, traveling and other outdoor activities. A brand new product which allow you to manage All shoes in Travel Bag , this keep neat and clean and well managing of shoes hygiene. Material : Nylon and Mesh Stores up to 3 pairs of shoes! Comes with a handle for ease and convenience of carrying Has a Special mesh slot for slippers Ideal for traveling and is durable A must have for every traveler Keep your shoes neatly organized with a Shoe Pouch instead of having them strewn around all over the place, especially when you travel. You can also protect your beloved footwear from unnecessary external damages when you store them securely and safely in the pouch, designed especially for you to ferry your favorite pairs of shoes around with you wherever you go with ease and convenience.

Multi-Purpose Waterproof Footwear Shoes and Sandals Travel Bag Pouch Organizer

    • Color: Random / Unfortunately No choice available
    • Size: 40 cm x 30 cm x 10 cm
    • High quality shoe bag .
    • It can hold Upto 3 pairs of shoes, perfect for travel/ business trip/ourdoor sport
    • Portable designed .You can take to travel,to the beach.It can also be used as a bag ,you can be put swim suit or undergarments in it
    • Made of durable nylon waterproof material for convenient organization.You can put this shoe bag in your luggage
    • A material lining inside separates the shoes to keep them from scratching or rubbing against the other

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