Regulate Finishing Frame 2-storey multi-purpose shelf Do you have a kitchen that is not spacious and want everything in the kitchen to be neat and tidy? Then the versatile 2-storey Regulate Finishing Frame that Tutimart introduces below is what you need. Regulate Finishing Frame 2-storey multi-purpose shelf, compact and convenient 2-storey design to help you arrange all kinds of bottles, spices, knife pins & other kitchen items in a neat and tidy manner. & easy to take out when using.

Multi-Purpose Regulate Finishing Frame For Kitchen Washroom

    • Size: 400x120x330MM
    • The Kitchen Tidy Frame
    • Toilets Finishing Frame.
    • Plastic material, durable and beautiful metal crossbar.
    • Modern design, compact, and multi-functional.
    • Suitable for all places like Kitchen, Washroom or any household use.