Multi-function movable type special base for Water Dispensers and Gas Cylinders. The wheels on this base allows other household appliances to be easily moved. It also prevents appliances from a certain level of water damage as it lifts the appliances away from the floor. The base can be installed easily within few minutes.

Movable Gas Cylinders and Drinking Water Dispenser With Adjustable Base Stand

    • Random Colors
    • Maintains ventilation of the base of the object, anti-moisture, anti-rust
    • For easy moving and cleaning of objects
    • Smooth and firm easy movement of heavy objects, adjustable dimension and convenient movement
    • Ultra-strong rigidity, press resistance and anti-corrosion
    • 360 Degrees rotating wheels for maximum mobility
    • Holds upto 50 kgs
    • 4 strong wheels
    • The fastest and easiest way to move heavy objects
    • Place your Gas Cylinder, Water Dispenser etc. on this movable base