Using these rollers curlers is a simple way to give your hair lift, body and a head full of beautiful curls or waves, even if the hair you were born with is straight as a board. With it you'll be able to roll your hair quickly and easily and achieve movie starlet worthy hair.

Magic Leverag Spiral Hair Curler and Rollers

    • Do you dream of having glamorous curly hair but hesitated getting a perm, The Magic Leverag Hair Curler Set is the perfect thing for you. These curlers are a simple way to give you a head full of beautiful curls or waves, without the damaging effects of using heated tongs. All you have to do is stuff your hair into the curlers and let them sit for about one hour while they do their work. Remove the curlers and voila! Gorgeous, glossy curls!
    • Quick and easy way to create beautiful curls at home - no chemical treatment, protect your hair - high-speed changing magic leverage perm unimaginably anyone can use it.
    • MAGIC LEVERAG HAIR CURLER SET INCLUDES: - 2 x Magic Leverag Sticks - 9 x Small size curlers(19cm) - 9x Large size curlers(30cm)
    • INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: - Hair should be damp and not too dry - Insert the curlers on the stick - Section hair based on your desired thickness - shouldn't be too thick since it won't go in the curlers nor should it be too thin as the 18 curlers might not be enough for the whole head of hair
    • Using the hook at the end of the stick, gently pull the hair through the cylindrical chamber of the curler and let the curler spiral naturally - do the same for the whole head of hair - leave it to dry for at least 30 minutes to 1 hour