The Light Angel is made of LED lights that light up when the device senses any motion. It is a perfect security device that is both affordable and easy to install. The Light Angel can be mounted anywhere there is a window or a door and runs on batteries. The features of the Light Angel are as follows: - LED Lights - Battery Operated - All Weather Compatible - Wireless - Swivel Head - Water Resistant The Light Angel is run on LED lights that can glow for up for very long hours. The Light Angel is wireless and runs only on batteries. The Light Angel has a swivel head that can be turned to any direction that security is sensitive at. The Light Angel is one of the most easiest security devices that can be installed in a home. Every feature that comes with the Light Angel is specifically to make it affordable, easy to use and easy to install. There is motion sensor that activates the light as soon as anything is felt to be moving within the range of the Light Angel. The Light Angel is used to light up doorways and backyards. In fact even windows that are susceptible to break-ins can have a Light Angel fit over it. In this way, as soon as the light begins to glow, people will be able to tell that there is someone they know or unknown who might have turned up. It is a perfect outdoor light that can be placed even in areas where there is no protection against rain, since the Light Angel is water resistant. The Light Angel is very easy to use and to install. There are no cords that need to be installed to get the Light Angel working. Moreover, the Light Angel is also great for just lighting up an area that needs extra lighting as well. Every home that has a porch would definitely need an automatic porch light to help people watch their step. The Light Angel is a perfect porch light as well. Having to spend on expensive security systems can burn a big hole in the pocket. The Light Angel is simply affordable and easy to use as well. More over, it serves a dual purpose. There is no need to install a separate light in areas of the home that are naïve. The Light Angel will be able to act as a regular light as well as a motion sensing light specifically for intruders.

LED Sensor Activated Wireless Motion Multipurpose Light for Indoor & Outdoor

    • It detects motion and lights up an area 15feet away
    • Perfect for indoor and outdoor
    • Base rotates 360 degrees
    • 90degree angles field of view motion detection
    • Usable place like door entrance, steps, outdoor garden, garages, wardrobe, and night time to sleep