Hookah body+Silicone Hose+Charcoal holder+silicone bowl+LED light+Remote Contral+Coal Tongs+Silicone Grommets, Goes with orginal box Equipped with Led Remote Controlled Color Changing Lamp, changing light and smoke create a perfect atmosphere Silicone hose is easy to clean than other type PU hose. There is no smell retained in the hose. Silicone bowl is not easy to be broken. Easy to Assemble and Clean: It is easy to assemble, and every parts can be clean individually


1.Sleek elegance, modern design, the Palmhill Hookah is an incredible acrylic hookah pipe that looks amazing and smokes perfectly.
2. Portable. This hookah is compact and easy to transport; take it with you anyplace you want to smoke, the Palmhill Hookah is squarely 8 x 6 x 2.2 and weighs right around 1 lb.
3.On top of being highly portable, the square design of the Palmhill Hookah makes it incredibly difficult to knock over. No more scored floors and nasty burnt rugs, this hookah will sit squarely wherever you place it!
4.The modern and see-through design of the Palmhill makes it perfect for playing with the looks of your smoke sessions. Add some natural (non-toxic) food coloring to change up the watercolor, or wrap the hookah in LED lights to create a crazy and colorful experience!

While it is darn near impossible to knock the Palmhill Hookah over, be very careful that you don't drop any coals on the plexiglass surface. This will damage or completely ruin the Hookah, and you wouldn't want to hurt such a pretty hookah!

Package Included:
1x Classic tongs
1x - Remote LED Light
1x- Leather wrapped hose
1x - Silicone Bowl
1x Heat Management

LED Acrylic Hookah Shisha Portable Set Bowl With Silicone Pipe & Heating Control

    • Acrylic Hookah Kit Portable
    • Box includes lightweight plexiglass housing, Silicone Bowl, Pair of Tongs, Lotus Heat management, Silicone Hose, LED light with remote - All Rubber Seals Included.
    • Need 3 AAA batteries for LED light not included
    • Easy to Assemble, Disassemble, Clean & Store Away - Perfect for Home or for Travel
    • A beautiful modern hookah , made of Acrylic , Amazing LED Hookah Design

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