Kitchen Rotating Vegetable Fruits Cutter Shredder Grater Drain Basket. The item is capable of both cutting and washing vegetables It has 5 types of cutting attachment which can slice, shred and even grate vegetables according to suitability. It also includes a handheld slicer. Besides that being for cutting, it is itself a washing basket that can be used for washing and rinsing vegetables in general. Multifunction usage Wet Basket Vegetable Cutter 5 Cutting Attachments 1 Handheld Slicer Suitable for Slicing, Shredding and Grating Can also Wash & Rinse vegetables.

Kitchen Rotating Vegetable Fruits Cutter Shredder Grater Drain Basket Bowl

    • The cutting cover can be removed freely for easy use.
    • The vegetable slicer comes with a unique drainage feature that allows you to clean vegetables directly through the drainage system after you have cut them. 
    •  The comfortable handle can be controlled with one hand, free one hand. 
    • Skip the tedious cleaning process and make your cleaning easier.
    • This Peeler comes with extras,With 5 replaceable blades you can cut cheese, tomatoes, onions, cucumber, and cabbage in different shapes, sizes and thicknesses, you can use a different knife head according to your requirements