Hot Designs lets you create stunning, salon quality nail designs at home. These 2-in-1 nail art pens have both a brush and a pen tip, so you can flaunt gorgeous patterns, intricate designs and dazzling colors whenever you want. A great way to add beautiful nail art to your manicure and pedicure. Design and Create your own styles with Hot Designs nail art pens.

Just polish, create and decorate! Get a hot new nail look everyday!

A unique nail pen/brush allows you to apply a base color and then create impressive works of art with the revolutionary pen tip. Each color has its own nail brush to brush on the base color - then just pop the top for a unique nail pen that allows you to get creative with your designs.

Try something intricate from our Design Guide, or decorate with one of your own creations! Brush for polish, Tip for drawing. Just squeeze for the perfect amount of polish, draw with the precision tip and create beautiful designs.

Hot Designs: Nails Varnish Art Nail Polish Pens With 6 Glitz & Glam Colours

    • Create salon nails at home – Draw gorgeous patterns, intricate designs and dazzling colors with absolute precision control.
    • Paint bold colors with the brush tip – Not only a regular nail polish, it includes a Nail Art Pen
    • Easy-to-use nail art pens - Ingenious pen tip for simple creations, Fine tip points for a precise finish, Draw detailed designs with the pen tip
    • Set Includes - 3 nail art pens in 6 colors, 5ml (0.16 fl oz) per color