Honeycomb Drawer Organizer Storage Dividers is Excellent for socks, underwear, gloves, undergarments, gloves, tights, stockings, ties, arts & crafts etc. Can be assembled in seconds. Can be used for any sized drawers. Can be easily cut for perfect dimension. Total of 18 slots. 13.5"L x 13. 5"W assembled, slots are 3. 5" x 3". This is a brand new: White Plastic Honeycomb Drawer Storage Organizer Divider for Socks / Underwear / Arts & Crafts Keep your dresser drawers well-organized with this useful and convenient drawer divider. Made of sturdy plastic, this drawer organizer's honeycomb design features 18 slots, each one shaped like a hexagon (or part of a hexagon). Each slot is just the right size for holding small articles of clothing, especially underwear and socks. Forget about those frustrating moments spent searching for a missing sock, a pair of underwear, or a favourite accessory: With this organizer in your dresser drawer, you'll be able to find the item you need in just moments.

Honeycomb Cabinet Drawer Divider Organizer For Ties Socks Bra Underwear

    • A perfect storage divider for use in dresser drawers to organize socks, hosiery, underwear, lingerie, ties, handkerchiefs and more
    • Made of a durable yet flexible plastic this space-saving honeycomb design expands to fit various drawer sizes.
    • Build multiple configurations to suit your needs and space; strips can be cut or trimmed.