The fact that you can even fit inside your car astounds me, but now you can't even wait a 10 minute car ride to work to eat anything, neither you want to hold your food in your own arm. I am surpised you haven't installed a robotic arm in your car that feeds your all your favourite food to you, better yet, just attach it to your body so that you never have to stop eating.

Car Auto Swivel Mount Trey

    • Measures 9. 5" in diameter and 1" in depth.
    • Ideal for Holding snacks, work files, and your multimedia devices.
    • Compatible with most car cup holders that measure up to 2. 5" (6. 5cm).
    • Multi-jointed arm, freely lower or raise the arm to the position that best reaches.
    • Easy to clean, hand wash with warm soapy water.