Slim 'N Lift for Men is a revolutionary tummy slimming vest than can give you that V shape looking figure. Made from a super comfortable fabric, it is the most effective solution for quickly smoothing out unsightly bulges and getting your figure back. Slim 'N Lift for men works when you wear your favorite shirts, T-shirts! No one will know your secret while you enjoy a sleek, new, slimmer you! Slim 'N Lift Men's vest also helps support your back giving you that perfect posture.

3 Pcs - Slim n Lift Body Vest for Abdomen Compression Shape-wear Shirt

    • Quality - High
    • Choose any size for a total of 3 pieces.
    • 2 Colors available. 1. White 2. Black.
    • Flattens abs instantly without exercise
    • Panels firms-up the love handles and gives you that slimmer look
    • Works when you wear your favorite shirts, t-shirts