The 3-in-1 Kitchen Roll Dispenser is a useful thing to have in your kitchen. It holds food plastic wrap films, paper tissue rolls and aluminum foils and makes them available instantly without the need to find it around the house. It has a compact ABS plastic body that can be mounted on wall with screws. Cutters with smooth running roller wheels in each compartment cuts aluminum foils and plastic films without any fuss and trouble with a swipe. You need no more knives and scissors for wrapping purpose. Upper part can be used as a shelf for keeping small food containers. This Kitchen Triple Roll Dispenser & Holder is simple to mount, with front loading mechanism and paper tissue roll rack, making it easy to use. Kitchen 3 in 1 Roll Dispenser & Holder is Essential Kitchen Utility for Every Household. Holds and Stores Kitchen Tissue Paper Roll, Aluminum Foils and Food Plastic Wrap Films / Cling Film and Dispenses Them in One Single Unit.

3 in 1 Kitchen Paper Roll Aluminium Foil and Food Wrapping Cling Film Dispenser

    • 3-in-1 storage unit for tidying up the three essential kitchen rolls: kitchen paper, aluminum foil and cling film; all within easy reach and ready to be used.

    • Two sliding cutters, for clean cut of the aluminum foil and the cling film and a practical top shelf to store spices, small jars or an additional fourth roll

    • Independent compartments are easily accessible from the front to allow easy changing of empty rolls

    • Ergonomic Design, Very Convenient for Use

    • Elegant, Safe, and Practical Accessory for the Modern Kitchen

    • Wall mounted Kitchen roll holder with cling film, Storage Rack and Foil Cutter

    • Durable plastic material

    • Dimensions: 19 x 38 cm (Approx)