Unisex For Gents & Ladies.The socks marked "L" should be put on the left foot. And socks marked "R" should be put on the right foot. Not Meant for Running or Jogging When you wear it the gel part of the socks should be touching the inner side of each foot where the feet curve is. When worn correctly, the letter "L" marked on the sock will be on the left side of the left foot. When the "R" socks are worn correctly on the right foot, the letter "R" will be on the right side of the right foot. If your feet sweat too much then apply talcum powder before using it, so that the gel part of the pad does not irritate your skin. You can wear it on and off also. Wear mostly during standing and walking to see the best results. Can be worn at night also. Washable(with mild soap water), reusable.

2Pcs Strutz Cushioned Arch Foot Support Decrease Plantar Fasciitis Pain Reliever

    • Brand new Pair of Soft Sole Angel Cushioned Foot Arch Supports.This pair of cushioned foot arch supports will bring a new level of comfort to your tired, aching feet.
    • Provide support and comfort to tired achy feet by providing compression and shock absorbing technology to relieve stress and strain on the body.Help reduce heel, arch, ball of foot, knee, hip and lower back pain
    • Reduce discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis.Promote body balance and alignment
    • Can be used with any type of footwear and even when barefoot.Durable non-slip sole with breathable fabric, comfortable enough to wear everyday
    • Instant, all-day relief for aching feet.Unisex design, suitable for women and men and one size fits all